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Logo Design | Graphic design | Copywriting
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Content Services

Content is the meat on the bones of your online business. Quality content can support your brand, strengthen your customer relationships and build trust.

We offer content consultation, copywriting and graphic design services to help you bridge the communication gap and spark a connection with your audience. 

We produce sophisticated visuals and text that speak to your market in a language they understand.

Let us help you spark a connection.

Logo Design​

Your logo is the face of your business – it creates a lasting impression and sets the tone for communication.

At Pixelberry, we build strong and striking brands that give businesses a voice in a competitive arena.

With our niche in start-up branding, we’re geared to identify and magnify the marketable areas of your business and build a visual personification on those strengths.
  • Our logo design services include:
  • Developing a brand personality
  • Creating and finalising logo concepts
  • Branding and marketing material Supporting material for consistent communication standards

Graphic Design

Second to great content is how it’s consumed. In an age of information overload, good design is an essential factor in getting through to your audience.

With over 12 years’ experience in boosting business through compelling graphic design, we combine user behaviourism with solid design principles to deliver your message elegantly and effectively.

Our graphic design services include:
  • Image creation
  • Photo editing
  • Content layout
  • Marketing material


Compelling content is an essential marketing tool and the cornerstone of online success. You often have one chance to impress your reader and convince them that you’re the best provider to perform the services they need.

Whether you need a little guidance or a guru to compose your message, we’re here to help.

We aim to generate content that will entice, inform and convince your audience of your capabilities. Our copywriting services include:
  • Website content
  • Marketing material
  • Promotional blogs
  • Social media posts