We work to

Uplift small to medium businesses.

We work to

Increase the success rate for start-ups.

We work to

Empower local artists & entrepreneurs.

We do web

And we dig doing it

Custom design & development

Tailor-made concepts and content

We design, develop and deliver bespoke websites, online content and branding solutions. Weather you’re corporate or a start-up, we’ve got your back. With ample training and experience in design, development and project management, we’re geared to run with your website from the get go to go-live and beyond.

Looking for a logo? We do that too! We’re passionate about building brands that speak to the public in their language so that you can reach more customers.

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Packaged website solutions

Get online fast & affordably

Websites made easy! With four packages to choose from you’re sure to find one that rocks your socks. Our website packages are designed to give you all the benefits of being online with none of the hassle.

Starting from one-pagers all the way up to rich business solutions, our fully-serviced website packages are tailored to take your business to the next level.

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Online marketing & website maintenance

Keeping your website fresh & functional

Websites need regular work to stay relevant. Content goes stale, technology improves and web standards evolve. To get, or to keep a competitive edge, your website has be optimised for users, devices and search engines frequently.

Don’t know where to start? That’s cool – we’re here to help! We’ll do a full evaluation of your website and online presence and come up with a plan of action to get you some traffic and converting that into sales.

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Responsive & mobile design

Small screens means big business

More than half of all web traffic in South Africa comes from mobile phones. With the majority of your audience reaching out to you on small screens with clumsy fingers, we want to make sure that they do so with enjoyment and ease.

At Pixelberry we rock at responsive and mobile design – Building fluid layouts that gracefully morph to screens of all sizes, adapting content to load like lightning on mobile networks and building intuitive touch-input calls to action.

Let’s get your website mobile friendly

A bit about us

And the berry who started it all

In the heart on Johannesburg lives an energetic little designer, bringing a new masterpiece to life to the beat on her headphones and the smell of fresh coffee.

Her name is Jireh (Ray for short) and she rocks this space with a passion matched by few.

Sparked by a dream to bring web to life for users and businesses alike, Pixelberry was borne to be an answer to the cries of SME entrepreneurs all over Mzanzi.

We strive to make the web less scary for those who own it, and less complicated for those who use it.

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Our motto

Simple & creative solutions to get you results


We take pride in making the web a better place. Let us take care of the complicated bits, the endless acronyms and the technical terms so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Creative thinking

We approach every challenge with enthusiasm and interest. Thinking creatively and constructively is our secret sauce in planning and building awesome websites, brands and experiences.

Result driven

We believe that your website should be a working business tool. Whether you want to gather leads, make sales or educate visitors about your operations, your website should support your vision.

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Jireh (Ray) Strydom

Designer & Director | Pixelberry Web Studio

Jireh (Ray) Strydom

Designer, Developer, Director

Jireh (Ray for short) Strydom, all-round web-savvy dynamo, is your dedicated designer and contact person here at Pixelberry.

With 12 years experience as a designer / front-end developer, she’s a respected and sought-after player in the digital space. Her contributions in corporate pursuit as well as self employment leaves a trail of reputably successful projects.

“My main goal is to make the web a better place. I want to help businesses and entrepreneurs really cash in on their online presence while giving users the best possible experience.”

“Websites should be equal parts pretty and useful. Those parts being 100% of each.”

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  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • UI (User Interface) Designer
  • User interface design
  • Front-End Development
  • WordPress Specialist
  • Online Marketing Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Usability Specialist
  • Consultant
  • Contractor

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  •  DCM Design Institute Graphic Design course completion
  • CIW Internet Business Associate
  • CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3 Specialist
  • CIW Site Development Associate 
  • CIW Internet Business Associate 
  • W3Schools Certified HTML Developer
  • W3Schools Certified Bootstrap Developer
  • W3Schools Certified jQuery Developer
  • Google Online Marketing Associate
  • Microsoft Certified CRM Specialist
  • Udemy Start-up Branding & Marketing course completion
  • Other:
    • IPSA Packaging Technology Diploma
    • ER24 First Aid Level 3

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